Retracing the story

There’s a story behind the Bentley winged ‘B’ badge, and it was one we were eager to retrace when we won the commission to reassess and evolve the marque’s identity. Bentley collectors had told us about the legend of the logo's feathers - the very first and original badges had an uneven amount on each wing. This was a piece of provenance we felt a sense of duty to design back into the new version, to give the new identity a knowing spirit. The brand's word mark and typography was designed to resonate with the period of the marque’s early mothering triumphs of the 1920s and early 1930s. Crafted with timeless provenance the marque remains as we designed to this day.

Not just a logo but a mark of authenticity and quality. A covetable status symbol.
Understanding the diverse applications of the logo and the significance to drivers experience was key.
For the Queen's Coronation Festival in the Buckingham Palace gardens we designed an open-air pavilion. VIP's could get up close to the Queen's royal state car.
We created a showcase to convey the exquisite craftmanship and assert Bentley's Royal Warrant status.

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