Taking flight: eagle brand evolution

Gen Z approved

For the first time in its rich forty-year history American Eagle wanted to update its classic eagle icon. The new mark would better represent the values which matter most to its core target Gen Z. We created a new logo and branding system to appeal to them. It’s compelling, modern and multi-dimensional but still instantly recognisable as American Eagle. Most importantly, it’s won the appreciation of its core audience.

Emboldened thinking

Our brief was to evolve the American Eagle identity system to make it relevant for youth culture today.  The updated icon must embody the values of individuality, freedom and difference. It would inspire new behaviours and ‘embolden thinking’ amongst in-house teams as well as externally.

The eagle is forever refreshing, unified in feeling but not uniform in look.

Breaking free from tradition

We studied the existing eagle. This was traditionally static, a masculine expression of Americana which had been in existence for many years. And we asked ourselves ‘what happens next?’ This led us to thinking about designing a mark that would capture the spirit of rejuvenation. A youthful expression of hope and possibility, our eagle must spring free from the ground.

Ever-shifting design

The newly designed eagle is forever on the move, refreshing itself. It behaves as a springboard for creativity and acts - just like its target Gen Z consumers behave today. There is no right or wrong, no set way of doing things. The mark is unified by a feeling, rather than a uniform look. Difference unites everything. Each version of the eagle mark can be a one-off through use of colour blocks and design, but they remain united in their difference. Our creative process was highly collaborative. We worked with American Eagle’s brand, design and research teams to gather invaluable insights into people’s conscious and sub-conscious reaction to the new mark via consumer and neuro-testing.

The eagle has landed

The new visual identity is currently being rolled out. Following extremely positive results in neuro- testing upon launch the top 5 selling T-shirts featured the new brand mark.

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